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About Sheila McAdam

I was actually born into the beauty industry; my parents who were cosmetologists, owned beauty salons, beauty schools and eventually spas. After college I resigned myself to the fact that the beauty industry was also my gift.  I think I always knew that, I just wanted my own identity apart from my parents!  After finishing beauty school I worked for several years in salons.


I then attained my instructor’s license and taught beauty school and esthetics for 7 years while I continued practicing in our salon. During these years while teaching, my dad (the entrepreneur) had been in contact with a guy from Italy for months, waiting on the FDA approval of microdermabrasion machines in this country. The very day they were approved, he had 10 machines shipped to him. We had to have people from Italy come to train us, as there was no place here that even knew about them! Thus launched the beginning of my new passion for beautiful skin.


It is here that I offer more advanced laser skin treatments. I have worked for and with dermatologists for the past several years increasing my knowledge for beautiful skin. I also combine my knowledge of over-all health with beautiful skin. I am a firm believer in what we eat has a great deal to do with how our skin looks and reacts.


My passion is derived from the love for my clients and the desire to make them look and feel beautiful. This truly is not a job to me, it is simply who I am! I am honestly dedicated to finding the most advanced technology in the industry, and in most cases I feel that I deliver. I have over 25 years in the beauty industry and I am more excited today than ever, to make people look and feel their absolute best.


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